I feel like the deadline to connect an custodial account needs to be delayed

So ever since Gemini has been unable to be linked into the USA, no one has been able to link their gemini account. And now we are seeing we need to connect an custodial account or lose our vBAT? Do I even need to explain what the problem is here? Anyone else think that the deadline needs to be delayed until they can fix the Gemini link? Because I feel like this is an slap in the face, it’s like “Get an Uphold account, or lose your vBAT” What is your guys take on this. Because I find this extremely unfair.

The timing with Gemini being no longer available for new users is definitely unfortunate, but Uphold essentially covers all regions Gemini did (exception being New York state), even if Uphold is not your personal first choice.

We’ve been messaging about vBAT sunset since January 2023, so it’s been a quite a long time—almost a year: https://brave.com/rewards-changes/ The original plan was to sunset vBAT in April 2023, but we delayed it for an additional 7 months already to really give users extra time. Gemini was available throughout most of those months.

If you are one of the few users who’s in NY and unable to connect to Uphold, we’ll see what we can do, and @Mattches can follow up!

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Well when the heck was it working? Because on aug 23rd it wasn’t working and long before that it wasn’t working either, that was 2 months ago and longer. Haven’t been able to link it since.

Just sent you a DM. Thanks!

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