I feel like a kid caught in their parents' divorce agreement

… constantly being tugged back and forth. Why can’t I just have both? Por que no las dos?

As a long-time loyal user of Opera, who has only started using Brave recently (3-4 months) I have to wonder, why can’t we all get along? Opera is also open source, based on chromium api, has built-in ad-blocking, and their goals & motivations as a company seem to align with Brave.

I have the majority of my bookmarks in Opera. I love that I can sync my desktop browser with my Android phone. However Brave offers the whole “earn BAT while simultaneously supporting a better advertising market” so as the consumer / user I have incentive towards Brave. However Opera just started testing their dedicated gaming browser, so I’m drawn to keep using it…

Might I point out Opera also has built-in cryprowallet? :wink:

Please Brave devs, kindly consider my suggestion to join forces with the Opera dev team. I think together you both could make something that completely revolutionizes the internet, and help push us towards a truly free and open internet for everyone.

At the very least, please consider adding bookmark importing as a feature, so I can better manage my data across both browsers, or better facilitate the transfer from Opera to Brave :slight_smile:


Hi @doctorowl, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: AFAIK, we aren’t super close to the Opera team, but we love what they’re doing :slight_smile:

You can import bookmarks by going to brave://settings/importData. Opera should come up in the list there.

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