I don't want my slot count to decrease while formatting.

I will format my laptop. Brave has a limited number of slots. How many different devices can we connect in one account? I don’t want my slot count to decrease while formatting. What steps do I need to follow?

There was a time where we were limited to 4 devices only to a custodial wallet. They have gotten rid of these limits since. However, you still cannot go willy nilly and connect lots of accounts. I am not sure of the exact number these days, but within normal numbers I would expect as long as you are talking about formatting one computer and adding the new wallet to the custodial account should not be cause for alarm. Perhaps some input from a moderator could help? @Mattches

Formatting your computer should be just fine — you should still be able to connect w/Brave Rewards afterwards in your new installation.

Thank you

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