I don't see any Bat in my Brave Payments account


i registered my blog as a verified publisher and asked some friends to download the Brave browser and send some tips to it in the month of November; i was expecting to see something in my Brave payments account but so far i can only see the screenshot attached to this post.

Am i doing something wrong?!
Thank you for the attention, kind regards


Welcome to the Community. Will give a general answer as I am not that knowledgeable. It could be that the payments have not processed yet. Also the amount of tokens may have to reach a certain amount to be processed. It would take a fair number of friends pledging say all of their free token grants to trigger that. You might try the awesome search we have at the community for more specific answers.


Thank you… i will then wait to see if something happens but it is not really intuitive this way :slight_smile: i was expecting something “real time”


Hi @andre28,

The BAT not directly sent to your wallet, but to escrow wallet first. And usually, it’ll take days before it appears on your publishers dashboard. That’s why you not see the balance “right now”.

But likely, for now its only updated once a month. The payout date is around 8th of every month. If it’s not happens, let us know.


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