I dont see any ads for last 2 days

Respected brave community,
i am facing this problem for more than two days , i cannot able to see any ads there is no ad notification in my brave browser i checked all of the settings nothing is changed 5 ads per hour. but i don’t see any ad notifications. & my brave rewards not transferring to my uphold account.could you please help me to resolve these problems. kindly a user.

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I am to experiencing a similar problem. I have not received any Brave ads for the past 3 days on my desktop device. However, when I use my mobile device ads continue to show. I have checked and analysed any troubleshooting problems and have my brave rewards still turned on. What do I do brave community?

I also saw the last ads on the 14th, I’m on macOS.

you can follow this thread if you want

nope! this thread is not helpful cuz tried all the things nothing happen.

I was facing the same issue just follow these simple steps:- Go to the Rewards setting–>Turn off the Brave Rewards–>Then turn it on–>Disconnect Uphold Account and then reconnect it. That’s what fixed mine.

me also not showing ,please solve the problem

I don’t see any ads since yesterday. So that will be day 1 and counting?

With me ads come very less, before this problem i got 1 bat everyday but today i can’t complete 0.5 bat! help me

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