I don't see ads


I’m from Albania and I am using brave since one week but no ads appears during all this period. Everything is set correctly (I am even verified user) but no ads. Why this? Is my country among the countries in which can be showed ads or not?


Hi @rolak,

Welcome to community, and thanks for writing in! Ads are not currently available in Albania.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help to answer!

Hello Steeven!

Thank you for your answer. Could you please tell me when will be (approx)?

@rolak no exact date for when specific countries will be supported. The team is working to expand the supported list.

Thanks for your patience.

@eljuno. Thanks a lot for your answer. But is sure that my country will be in the list of supported countries one day? That’s correct?

We want global support, so yes, Albania will eventually come! You can always check the list on:

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Thank you @chriscat. Hope that this day will not come late. I’m so excited to use such browser with such abilities.

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