I dont received adds from brave 3 to 4 days

Sir. I am a brave browser user… I not getting ads so much in a day. I hardly received highest 287ads in a month… But at the same time my friend received 130 ads in just 4 days. We are live in same location… My friend is a new user. I recommend him to download brave.

Then i show there is also another 2 btave browser in playstore brave beta and brave night.
Then i decide to download both. And began to use both of them with my official brave in my mobile. But suddenly my all brave browser stope to receive ads from brave.

Now what can i do? Do i uninstall all amd reinstall only the official brave? Or any other solution? Please tell me…

My all brave reward and ads settings are ok and 5 ads/hour max also done. But result is nothing.

So please help me.

I need ads and reword.

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