I don't receive automatic email from brave when recovering disabled gmail account.

Hi @steeven,
My Gmail has been disabled recently!
After restoring gmail, I no longer receive mail from email: no-reply@basicattentiontoken.org.
I have checked all my mailboxes very carefully.
I certainly don’t mark email: no-reply@basicattentiontoken.org as spam.
Please help me!
I would like to receive mail back from email: no-reply@basicattentiontoken.org.
Thank you very much !

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Hi @rpotk07, what do you mean by your Gmail being disabled? That you are no longer receiving emails to your gmail, or that you no longer have access to the gmail account that you used to register your Creators account with? Thank you.

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I mean the gmail have some problem and has disibled within some day. But after restored gmail, i can not received email from Brave Creator to login my Publisher account.

@steeven same problem too, please!

@steeven I think my gmail has been blacklisted by email: no-reply@basicattentiontoken.org. Please help me to solve it.

@rpotk07 please DM me the email linked to your account. Thank you.

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@steeven The email I use is: rpotk07@gmail.com.

@steeven Please help me !

Thanks @rpotk07, reviewing.

@steeven I think my gmail has been put in the suppression list.
Please help me!
I would like to receive login mail back from email: no-reply@basicattentiontoken.org
Thank you very much !

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