I don't receive any tokens

Hello, I wrote about my problem in the discord server, but maybe if I post it here a solution might come quickly. So I was supposed to receive my BAT tokens this month and they sent me a message which states ‘‘Congrats! Your December rewards have arrived!’’, but they are not displayed anywhere. Also I received 1 bat token for new year as a gift, but even when I write the command $balance or go in my brave wallet it still doesn’t display. I made a Gemini account, but it won’t let me connect to the brave wallet, because brave is not supported in my region (Eastern Europe - Bulgaria). I tried first with uphold, but the website said it’s not available in my country, but that was not the case for Gemini. So my question is what will happen to my rewards and where d o they go, because they’re not displayed anywhere. I tried on brave.support, but I haven’t encountered a similar issue. Is there way to contact someone directly or should I just stand and wait ?

Hello, I’m wrote from Italy and I’ve the same problem (even in november). If you 've understand If it’s possible do anythings please advise me


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