I dont know if my brave isnt work or if the rules have changed

i have been using brave since early 2020 and i used to receive my rewards so good til y left of using brave because i felt that they dont give me money enough. One day i found out that uphold had added a new feature that you can trade currencies,equities and more, so when i realized of that i came back to brave and began to use it again,but i saw that brave owe me about 0,75 dolars from august and i was in november and that little money had not been paid, i thought that they had not paid me because i was inactive for so much time and even the browser dont show me ads i was very concern about that but i solved that reseting brave and the ads began to appear again, so my problem starts in that i have 2,11 and today was going to be the payday, and that didnt happen, that money didnt move from brave to uphold, it hold there. But i think that is because you have to have more than 25 bat to make the transtition from brave to uphold,but before with less than that brave paid me.

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