I don't get paid

Hello everyone. Maybe some of you have encountered this problem. I joined Brave in August 2020 and have not received payments for October, November, January,February and March since. The only month for which I got BAT is September 0.500BAT and December 2.250BAT. I have ads on (5 a day) and linked my account with Uphold. I would ask for help. I know the Brave team is working on why some people didn’t get paid for March and what about previous months. I can see how BAT is growing and I would like to receive remuneration for cooperation :c

The fix they working on is also voor that problem (https://Issue with Contributed BAT payment not processing)see comment from @steeven you can send @steeven these info documents

Thank you for reporting! Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version )
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards .

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

Hope this wil help you
greetings Menno

Thanks for the answer. The link is not working and I already sent him the documents a month ago. Hopefully they will fix this problem and not be left out with the others.

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