I don't get any Brave ads 2020

If someone can figure this out for me I would greatly appreciate it. I haven’t received a brave ad since I had to restore my wallet in February. I did go to https://ads-serve.brave.com/v1/catalog and there is quite a bit there, yet I haven’t seen one ad or earned anything since February. Focus assist is turned off. I went to system settings and Brave does not show up. I went to the bennish website clicked authorize and it said denied. I clicked show and it said error. I tried the 5 second delay one and nothing happened. I went back to system settings and brave is still not there. Is there anyway to make Brave show up in system settings without the bennish website? Or is there any other way to make ads show up on my computer? I’m using windows 10. My brave rewards are turned on and I have it set to 5 per hour.

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