I don't get any ads since many months

I don’t see any ads since I started using Brave (about 6 months ago).

I don’t understand why and how this is possible, but it is.
Ok so first of all I’m sure of my configuration in Brave and also in Windows but I’m a human so I can make mistakes.

The settings in Brave Rewards are as follows:
Announcement “on” with “5 ads per hour”.
Auto-Contribute “off”, Monthly Contributions “off”.
Tips are also off.

So my “Ads received this month” are 0.
I was comparing with a friend and for him all his ok. He can see the ads. And my settings are the same as his.

So I’m trying to figure out why and I checked my Windows notifications, but everything is fine and Brave can pop up.

So I’m asking you why I can’t see and get notifications and how to solve this problem.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your help.

Hi welcome to the Brave community @Sekaim
The number of ads you see depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your country and match found between your interest.

Brave Ads — Supported Countries

Disable Focus Assist

How do I opt-in to Brave Ads?

Brave Ads FAQ

Yes, I know that, but my country is France, so I have the possibility to get ads and there is no lack of them.

But I don’t have anything and my friends receive them, for example, since this morning, I’m doing research for a course and I was in dicusition with my friend, he received 6 in 2 hours while I got nothing.
I understand that just because you select “5 ads per hour” doesn’t mean you get 5 per hour, but I’ve been using Brave for about 6 months now and I still haven’t seen one since the beginning.

I followed the links you provided but nothing happens and nothing changes.

So I’m stuck :smiley:

are you using windows 10?

Yep I use it and it is the last version windows: Version 1909

Try this tool https://www.bennish.net/web-notifications.html

I’ve tried to do that and the notifications work, the Brave community notifications work too because when you wrote to me, I received an announcement.

So the question is can I receve anoncement because I’m going check and nothin is block in windows and also in Brave

Make sure your browser up to date (For now - Brave Version 1.8.86)

First check - settings - Notifications & actions - make sure - Brave - Turn ON

Disable Focus Assist (off)

Open Brave browser - Go to Menu - Brave Rewards (chrome://rewards/) - Turn off Ads - Turn off Brave Rewards - close the browser - wait one minute (Don’t touch mouse and keyboard)

After that - open Brave Browser - again wait one minute (Don’t touch mouse and keyboard)

Then - Go to Menu - Brave Rewards (chrome://rewards/) -Turn on Brave Rewards - Turn on Ads - wait one minute (Don’t touch mouse and keyboard)

Browse now as usual

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I did. I’ll see if it works now.

I’ll update the post in the afternoon to say if it worked.

Thank you for helping me.

Browse with your favorite topics,
if your browsing interests match with your country ads campaigns,
you can see more ads.

I’m back and unfortunately after an hour usage in Brave nothing happend and I got any ads.

So the problem is not solve. :sob:

Why Brave hate me.

Did you do the above steps? :point_up:

Yes I did and it not work but I wil try another time now.

Clear browsing data (brave://settings/clearBrowserData)
restart your computer
then do the above steps

I did that before I came here. But I have another hypothesis, I’m just trying to install Brave on my other PC and the ad works so I’ll try to download Brave again but without logging in my account. Let’s see what happens.

Are you using any firewall or vpn software? (external or extensions)

My firewall is the basic windows 10 firewall. I don’t like Avast or Avira.
I don’t use VPN.

But the problem is solved. I don’t know why but ads works. Unhappy my method the resolve it is not "a solution but a workaround.
But I have my hypothesis, before reconfig my comptuer I have check another time all my windows and Brave settings. And I found nothing abnormal.
But after inisalisation, I configure Brave as before. So maybe another setting in Windows can lock ads.

So thank you very much for helping me and have a good day. :smiley:

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