I don't get any ads shown by Brave ! (Brave Rewards)

I love Brave because it is for me the best alternative to chome with his fast loading, privacy setting and trackers blocking. But the rewards function is not working for me…
I am using this browser for 2-3 months and I never received any ads ! Not a single one !
On my mobile device I tried Brave too and it showed me 4 or 5 ads per day.
But I am mainly using my pc, and that’s why I try to solve this problem for this long.
I live in France, so my contry is supported. My wallet is connected to my Uphold account (wich I have certified) Notifications are enabled and Brave send me notifications from youtube or other site (Focus assistance is disabled). I have re-installed Brave delleting every single file one by one on my pc and then taking the last version on the official website. At brave://rewards/ Everything is on and ads per hour is at 5.
So as you can see I tried many different solutions but adds still haven’t shown up…
I have seen on forum that this informations can be usefull :

Informations sur le portefeuille
SEED des informations clés : Valide
ID du paiement par portefeuille : ***
Identifiant: ***
Identifiant: ***
Portefeuille créé: 06/07/2020
Informations sur le solde
Solde total 0 BAT
Dépôt de BAT: 0 BAT
Récompenses BAT: 0 BAT
Maintenir le portefeuille: 0 BAT

I wanna ad than I am using windows 10
If you need other informations I would be happy to give them to you, and I am French so I apologize for any mistakes I could have made,



Hello @Alexisz998 remove your wallet id and all those private data it very sensetive never share that in public

and check this for your issua FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

hope it help and have a nice day

Hello @justsomeone1 I removed the informations about my wallet. But anyway there aren’t anything in it yet.
I have seen this FAQ but it does not change anything…
On my phone and my laptop (an old macbook) ads are showing frequently, but the only possible answer is that the algorithm have no ad for me I believe ?

did you check your region setting in your windows settings and notifications settings ?

I checked my region on windows and France[france] is sellected. But I don’t know what you mean by the region notification setting.

did not mean region notification setting
sorry meant region setting and notification setting

check this for notification setting Brave Ads Windows 10 Troubleshooting

Everything is set correcly, I am getting notifications from Brave when you post a new message on this post but no ad for the moment

sorry idk why let me ask for someone from the team @Mattches to help you

hope it fixed soon and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, have a nice day too !

you welcome and thanks

Have you ever tryed to connect to an other internet connection or just use your phone hotspot?
If it’s working on u’re mobile try to use the hotspot and navigate via browser for 10 min.
It’s just a test.

Well it’s a desktop computer but I’ll use my phone 4g and share it with the pc. I will answer you back in a moment

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I closed Brave and restarted it when I was connected in 4g. I even tried to restard the whole computer and waited for 2h but I do not got anything. Maybe should I try using Brave Beta or Brave Nightly instead of the official version ? What do you think

you can try that, also update to the lates version. Past versions have a problem with ads (since july for many users). Try creating a new profile and check. If not, well try nightly.

I went to options, then about Brave and it is up to date. By creating a new profile you mean another wallet ? I will also try using nightly

Go to the menu and you should see an option called “create new profile”.

In my case i´m reciving ads on my secondary profile while on main no.

P.S. Creating a new profile will create a new wallet.

Okay, new profile created I’ll wait to see if something changed !

Unforunately it changed nothing, I enabled the rewards function and setted it to 5 per hour but it is not enought…

Well just to clarify:

The 5 ads per hour doesn´t mean you will get exactly 5 ads every hour, it´s a limiter to avoid spam, it should say “up to 5 ads per hour”.

As for the rest, well if it continues try nightly. But if no matter what you try you don´t get ads on a normal basis, well, probably you will need to wait until a official fix.

Also you can try this other solution:

(if you are in a different OS than Windows search for hidden files in order to delete client.json, you will understand reading the thread)

Just remember that this is not an official fix

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Yes, by not enought i meaned that I still haven’t ads showing up. I tryed deleting the client.json file, now i’ll wait.