I dont get ADS!

My browser does not receive advertising … I would like you to take care of answering people who take their time to use this browser and who do not receive a response from any member of this company … ADS DONT SHOW UP !!!

Ok GUYS i think i know whats happend, look i’ve used Beta for weeks and it work for a time, he show me a few ads, then it stop and i change to the regular browser of Brave and the second day of use it start to show me ADS again … not a lot but a few, and since we are posting here about a hour ADs pop me up again… So meaybe you have to be more regular in the used of the Browser… if you leave the browser open and you take off there is an inactivity there … so i think its work whit the used that you give it … you got it ???


brave has a build in adblocker which is on by default so turn it off

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Ni aa rahe kya ads? Ye post padhlo ads aajayenge!

Google translate :- Are ADS not coming? Read these posts, try them!


Dude … come on … im not noob at this …


Haha! Ad blocker blocks Brave Ads lol

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no they dont … and also I even get the notifications of your answers … this is so funny xD

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Ik ad blocker doesn’t block brave ads i just said it in a sarcastic way Lol i also got notification when you replied lol

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well … you dont get pay for this … heheheheh

Well imagine if we get paid for talking here haha

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Meaybe corona infected Brave Ads … omg !!! my finger are in real danger … !!! xD

Ah no corona not Brave Ads pls infect me but not Brave Ads :tired_face:


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Ads not showing any solution?

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sometimes it shows a few per day and sometimes dont show anything so … its not windows and all other topics that you read … so i guess its funny ?? xD

Since this month started I only received 12!!!

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did you try with Brave Beta ?? it work for me for a few weeks … then it just stop again so i change to Brave again and now it show a few during the day.

yes i received a fews to … last month i get like 1 dolar xD

Already using Brave Beta!

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I think that the real problem is that they need more sponsors to make ads … that way the show just a few … i dont know … im in argentina tho … so i dont know if that is a problem to

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I think ad campaigns are enough but it seems there’s an issue on the app or ads system

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yeah meaybe i really dont know … i like Brave tho is killing all my youtube adds in between my videos so … im happy for now