I don't care about cookies - funktion

unfortunately the chrome addins do not work on android.
It would be great if the function of the
“I Don’t care about cookies” and “i’am not robot Capture Clicker”
could be added to the browser.

both work in the firefox browser on androind and save a lot of nerves.

Agree, I don’t know why Brave can’t install chrome addons like on desktop release…

“I don’t care about cookies” is extremely useful especially in Europe, where websites have lots of annoying cookie notices. @fanboynz could its blacklist be embedded in Brave? I tried EasyList Cookie List but it’s not effective; I don’t care about cookies is much better.

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I am a European user and have made this request before, it was totally ignored.

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The solution is Brave Mobile will be able install Chrome addons (like “I don"t care about cookies” from the google store… but it’s not possible today :confused: