I don’t understand why filling passwords immediately isn’t secure

Chrome and Firefox fill passwords immediately (on page load). When you want to log in into page, you just have to click “log in” and that’s it.

But in Brave, you have to click username textbox, then select account and then click “log in”. It would be much easier if the password was filled immediately.

It sounds like a trifle, but it’s very annoying, especially when is brave set to always clear cookies so you always have to log in. It also nullifies Brave’s advantage of speed because you waste time with selecting an account (therefore, login is faster in Chrome and Firefox)

I don’t understand why filling passwords immediately isn’t secure.
In Chrome and Firefox I’ve noticed that font of username and password font changes when you click “log in” or edit password. That means browser doesn’t fill password until you click “log in” or edit it and sites can’t see it. Browser just shows you preview of it. That means filling passwords immediately (like in Chrome and Firefox) 100% secure.

I found “fill passwords on account” flag, but disabling (or enabling) it does nothing.
Please add flag which would enable immediately password autofilling.

Because of this, I’m thinking of switching back to Firefox or ungoogled Chromium.

I’ll pin at this topic since it’s also annoying for me.

I wouldn’t say that it nullifies Brave’s speed advantage because you’re comparing two different things but I can agree with “you lose gained time” as you have to make one more click during your browsing experience … :wink: