I don’t get BAT for the ads

Hello Brave Users/Devs

I receiving Brave ads but not a lot and I do not get any BAT afterwards this has been going on since I changed to the brave browser around the 2nd of May. I got 0.3 BAT at the start that is still pending but nothing else since then I do get the ads but no BAT

Hi @Ethos - what OS and Brave version are you on?

hi @steeven I’m on windows 10 Brave version v 1.9.76

Did you receive a payment today?

@steeven yes, I did but I’m a little bit confused because bat in uphold say 0.25 wich you sent but my bat in the brave browser says 0.3 do they not sync?
and has the not getting bat for my ads been resolved now then?
because I’m still not seeing any Bat rewards when I get my ads.

Hi I’m still having the same problem. what else can i do to fix it?

Hi @Ethos - can you send me your Rewards Internals?

@steeven sure I have my ads setting at 5 ads per hour and ads switch on. oh, it easier to send screenshots.

Same here, I did not receive my rewards payment

Hi @Ethos - can you DM me your Rewards Internals which can be found here - brave://rewards-internals/.