I don not receive tokken

I apologize, English is not my native language, excuse me …
my small problem is the following, and that is that I have installed Brave several times, but I don’t receive advertising, I have enabled 4 per hour, but I can be browsing for hours and I never receive an advertisement / advertisement I have win-10pro, could someone help me please Thank you very much, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @ArnyetLich, welcome to Community!

Please see our FAQ for information on why you may not be seeing ads:

If you don’t see you’re problem in the FAQ - you may have some notification permission issues - try the link below to troubleshoot the problem

and if that doesn’t work see can you try going to https://www.bennish.net/web-notifications.html, and forcing the notification to pop up.

Thank you very much, I have tried everything, and currently it is correct, I will be waiting to see how it responds from now on, thank you very much for your attention, sorry for the inconvenience

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