I doesnt get bat token in uphold .every month i lose it. am an ubuntu user bruh

i lose brave token every month . i cannot found claim button in brave wallet until this moment .before a month i post this issue icoundnt got reply .i didnt know what to do .
few day receive ads but token not increment.so what i do pls … help

Also i mention here you can see only .560 bat .previous month my earn are lost…
it approximately 3… something

Oh my dear brother; I feel for you, but as I check what you have displayed; I noticed that there is no set up in your system at all. You need to set it up so that the content creator will be able to get some tip, before you can claim yours.
If you did not set up anything in your system, all your work will split like a milk poured in a net of bucket, like I can see that somewhere , you received 79 ads but ultimately, scored zero.
Failing to set up your system , a system will put you into a default scale and you will always score zero. Regardless the number of ads you received.
I hope am clear, am just trying to assist you ok…

how i solve bruh,
bcz i used in windows 10 i got it bat token in every month .in case ubuntu ,i followed full step after installed brave , wallet verifed ,everything done properly .now i disappointed due to loss brave token every month . really i dont know what to do …
if u can help pls reply.
and i need to know which operating system you used…

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BAT is send directly to verified uphold. there is no claim button for verified uphold ac.

have you turn on your auto-contribution??


Good morning sir!
I don’t know much about ubuntu, but like I like said am only trying to help you with a little thing I do believe is healthy for you. I am using Brave as my default browser and is doing very well with me. As for how to use your system; I want to believe that ubuntu is the same as brave. At the the top right corner , there is an icon for the Brave Rewards, when you press it; it will displays a pop-up menu for you to select and the name of the website you are right on it, if such website is verified with Brave ; it will definitely displays a blue colour at the top of it together with a good mark sign within the blue.
Then you go where it is written; ‘‘Rewards Settings’’. Remember you have to give tip first before you can claim yours. The last thing is; which country are you from? Am asking this because as far as I remember; Uphold was not available in South Africa not unless I am mistaken.

Turn off auto-contribute. You are likely unknowingly donating all your BAT back to Brave. As someone else said, if your Brave Rewards account is linked to an Uphold wallet, the BAT will transfer automatically each month and you won’t see any claim buttons.

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