I do not want Uphold wallet

Hello, I don’t understand why Uphold should be the only option. There are many, better and private wallets out there like the open source project Pillar wallet for example here https://www.pillar.fi/. Uphold steals me and asks me to give my personal data which isn’t safe. There has to be more options. Give us the option to make a custom wallet for example I don’t know. Do something about it, please. I’m tired of using Uphold. I do not trust it at all.

Gemini wallet verification is available now:

Gemini seems to be bad as well. It asks personal information to verify your identity. Also, it probably charges hidden fees as Uphold does. Anyway, it’s better than having one option. I hope you to support more wallets in the near future. Especially the Pillar Wallet. It would be better for us to have a custom wallet option because I don’t want to expect from Brave anything. Make it easier for us to change our wallet