I do not receive the reward in bat of the confirmed referrals

My referral after 30 days has been confirmed and they have not been rewarded in my account. That is, it is as if he had no confirmed referral is at 0 bats. Is it a brave mistake? Or all confirmed referrals that you achieve will not be rewarded? Help me please.



you will get BAT reward. just need to wait for some time. usually it takes about a week for new publishers.

I understand, I already have more than a week and still nothing. I guess I have to wait.

Hi @Graffe,

See this thread for more info on incomplete payouts, it could be helpful in your case - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts.

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Hi, steven.

It’s been 16 days since my first referral was confirmed and the reward in bat for that referral is not in my account, it’s as if I did not have a confirmed referral. My problem is not in the list you gave me, will it have a solution? System error? Will not that referral be credited?

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CC’ing @Asad for an extra pair of eyes on this.

Should all be settled by August’s payout :slight_smile:

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