I do not receive any payment or message after my contribution

Please send support and fix the problem
I am sending this letter in the hope that my problem will be solved or an answer.
After all my contributions, apart from the issue of injustice in the issue of compensation rates in each region. I did not receive any reward. My wallet 0 BAT after the user I have invited to use Brave 30 days

@Leviet7490 first, don’t share your personal information in this public forum.

And for your “issue”, I think it’s “expected” since referral program will only pay for confirmed referral.


explain personal information

In this case, eljuno was referring to the private referral code.

eljuno is also correct that referrals will pay out for users who have confirmed real-world use for 30 days.

If someone just downloads and does nothing or installs and never opens, those actions are not actual use.

Ok Ok
referral code is private
i get some of the concept’s
Takedowns in progress of unhealthy screenies …
Thanks and welcome

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