I do not generate profit

My profits have been at 0.035 for a few days without any change, is it possible that there is a problem with the account?

I stopped receiving BAT since June 2021.

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Same, but in November.
I like Brave, but I don’t like it so much that I’ll stick around without being given any information about my issues. Really doesn’t seem like they’re operating the Brave Rewards as transparently as they say. Really disappointed in the lack of response.


@samdoeesq They are pretty transparent. The big issue is they have a very small staff. If you haven’t noticed, there are only about 3 staff members who respond to things here. The primary person is Mattches.

In addition to trying to help here, they also are doing a LOT of work elsewhere in fixing issues. To really make things tougher, communication is also done on multiple forums. They are adding and replying to things on Github, Reddit, and here at the minimum. So three people to go through thousands of messages and people’s info daily. It’s hard to be quick on responding and resolving, but they do eventually get to you.

@NicoIII3 Yes, it’s possible something is wrong with the account. Are you seeing ads or have they not been showing? If you go to Brave Rewards, are they turned on? Does the amount of ads shown or the estimated BAT for March payout seem to change?

Sometimes we will go days without ads, it’s all dependent on what ads are available in our region and the amount of users. On top of that, some ads have a limit of how many times a user can see it. You can view how many campaigns and ads are available in your region by visiting https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

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