I dnt get any withdraw option in reward setting...where i can add uphold account

there is no withdrwal option…or no option of uphold acount verify option like others…

Wallet verification is not yet available on mobile devices. We’re working on getting this particular feature rolled out as soon as possible.
Thank you.

So how can i withdraw the money?

You cannot withdraw money from your mobile Rewards wallet at this time. That functionality is being worked on.

@rakibgseven in addition, you’ll not be able to withdraw BAT that you get from grants, since it’s purpose is to help user try the Rewards system. You only can withdraw BAT that you earned from Brave Ads.

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I also get 20BAT this morning, I tip 1BAT to brave.com to test and my wallet becomes 19BAT. But how can I put my remaining BAT in my Uphold Account. My Uphold Account is already connected

The purpose of grants is to help users try the Rewards system, @ErmanAlcantara, by contribute it to creators/publishers.

Self-tipping may lead to account suspension. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029235132-BAT-Creator-Grant-Guidelines


Do you mean to say that the BAT in brave rewards wallet cannot be withdrawn. How will I be able to have amount in the wallet connected to uphold, just by referral?

You can. Only on desktop for now – Brave Rewards for Android ia still in development. But please note, you’ll not be able to withdraw BAT from grants – only BAT that you earned from Brave Ads.

Do you mean with this picture attached that I have available 20BAT in my brave rewards? Can I withdraw this?

@ErmanAlcantara Brave Rewards for Android is still in development. So, many features is still missing, compared to desktop version, including the withdrawal functionality.

For now, you can keep the BAT that you earned (until the feature is implemented) or use it to support creator/publisher.

And this one :point_up:

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