I didn't see any claim option and i didn't receive my bat in uphold account also

I have installed brave in July and in August I have nearly got 1 bat from ads now in this September month I didn’t get the claim option I am having 7 bat but I didn’t get any claim option please help me!!

you can see in the above picture that i dint receive any bat in my brave wallet

and some people are saying that when it is connected with a verified uphold account the bat will be transferred to uphold account but i didnt get the bat in my uphold account also and when i click add funds this pop outsScreenshot 2020-10-07 090031

i have 7 bats and a verified uphold account
some people said that there is no need of 25 bat in laptop to connect with uphold accpount then please explain me why this is coming
please i need a clarification

Still processing October Brave Ads Payout Status