I didn't Recived Bat Tokens Yet

I havent Got Any Claim Button To get Ads rewards Plz Help Me how to Claim The Rewards Of Ads

No worries about that. Claim button will appears to only users who didn’t verified browsers with uphold.

As you verified and connected your browser with uphold, the bat you earned in the month of August will be credited into your uphold account directly in between payout period.

but i didnt recived any Tokens in my uphold

I have the same problem. I’ve never seen the claim button in the desktop version(mac), only in the iphone app. It used to say that today(6 sept) was the day to claim the tokens and it was updated to oct 6th now and never sent to my wallet…

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and also no admin is replying to our problem

Admins chutti pe gaye hai mangal var ko ayenge

Google translate :- Admins are on leave on mars war

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Kass jaldi vapas aa jye

dekhte hai ky hota hai to

If your broser is verified with uphold, you won’t get claim feature to claim your bat.

You can connect max 4 devices to one uphold account.

@maciano33, Akaik your mobile browser didn’t verified with uphold and your desktop browser do verified. That’s the reason you see claim in mobile.

Admins on Mars War?? :joy::sweat_smile::joy:


Haha he was sayin admins will check things in Tuesday.

Google translated Tuesday to Mars :joy::joy:


Oh lol ok :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sorry and thanks for making my day @Kirti

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I thought he said it in a sarcastic way XD

Anyways, I also didn’t received any claim button neither my uphold is connected.


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