I didnt recieved my $5 signup reward for brave browser

Hello!! How are you?

I am just asking how can i get my $5 signing up bonus for brave browser. I am using this browser for almost a month now but i still didn’t recieved the signup bonus. I created an account in uphold and verified it also. I also created account as a publisher. Let me know how i can get it. Please help me with this one. Thanks!!

There’s no “sign up” bonus. Can you share the source?

The link says that i click it i will earn free $5 dollars bonus. Hope its true

Here’s another one!

But i love using this browser!! Will continue to support it. But hope i can have those $5 bonus

its just a landing page bro, not an official brave reward

Again @JPVB :point_up:
That’s a misleading information. And thanks for the links.

To make it more clear, you don’t get BAT by simply downloading and using Brave. If you want to earn BAT, you can opt-in to Brave Ads. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/sections/360004119132-Brave-Ads

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