I didn't recieve 22BAT from my Publishers account to my Uphold

Hello! Why my 22 BAT still not at Uphold? Last payout was at May! KYC at Uphold is completed more than year ago.

Same with me, no payment for June, July, August, and i have DM @steeven but still no respon until now.

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I recieved BAT last time in May too

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Please see Following up on Referral Program Closure for five countries.

Ok, but 22 BAT at my publishers account is not Refferal program rewards. There are rewards from supporters. Why I can’t get em at my verified Uphold account? Sorry for my ununderstanding, but I can’t find any info about reasons of holding my rewards

Hi @NotBadBit, this will also be paid out as a part of the September settlement.

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