I didn't receive my rewards


Hi @anand0, payout is still processing; please read and follow this post by Support for any updates:

If you’re a Creator:

Mine finally came through.

Thank you Brave!

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I didn’t receive my creator payout

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Watch Support’s topic about the payout status, @anand0.

Still I didn’t receive my creator payment

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Hi, @anand0, have you read and followed the instructions on contacting Support in a private message? See this link:

…in my post #2, above.

i contact @steeven multiple time but he didn’t respond my messages

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How many days we have to wait to get this creators payout ??

40 to 50 days i guess.

Can you get your April payout ???

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I also did not receive although it said payment processing but it was not made and I have more than the minimum required

Have you DM’ed steeven, @Willn?

There are a few issues that seem to be connected that they are working on fixing, so response time is a bit slower, I think.

Hopefully issues will get cleared up soon. :crossed_fingers:

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Any update still I didn’t receive my creator payment

Any update creator payment

I have no new updates for you guys, sorry. :frowning:

any news about creator payment?

@steeven any update for creators

@saereV @steeven i still didn’t receive my creator payment

Hi, @anand0, I’m sorry to hear that. Have you sent a DM to steeven on the same DM thread, to ask for some update? I know he is trying to get around to everyone as quickly as possible.