I didn't receive march rewards

Same thing happened to me. first it was showing how it was pending and it just disappeared today

I don’t want to spam like others about “SAME HERE”, as we know that Brave is working on it. There is no point

But I’m curious if anyone profile has been flagged? Because it is saying that my account was flagged. I did not receive February and March rewards

my too!!! yesterday this was showing but not today

One of my devices got flagged trying to reconnect wallet. I’m sure it’s related as a ton of folks are having that issue as well.

I also didn’t receive my March BATs in full.

Same to me…
Reported my case in this link also…

I am also waiting to receive March rewards what is goin on it said I was getting paid on the 7th and it’s the 12th

For anyone who’s wallet got flagged, can you check again if it is Unflagged now? You may have to relaunch the Browser and wait a few minutes.

And you you get a claim button and claimed it, you can see the log here- brave://rewards-internals/ > Promotions. If it is there you own that BAT however it can take a few hours to reach Gemini if you have verified wallet.

The Banner “X BAT will arrive in Y days, remains till 11th” but it does not mean that Payouts are complete by then and it is still pending for this month so you may still receive it.

Payouts will be processed again this month- https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/u08zgi/comment/i44u1vq/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3, so you can be hopeful but for flagged wallet payouts are normally processed next month.

Don’t know who will see this, but I clicked the claim button and my event isn’t logged there. I have an event logged for March 11th, which went smoothly and transferred to my Gemini account but this month’s claim is missing over 8 BAT, which is a bit frustrating.

Same thing happened, the rewards message disappeared and I didn’t receive any rewards…

I didn’t receive me March Rewards too

Same thing Happen with Me

The same thing happened to me.

I also have not received my rewards

march Brave rewards missing. Not credited to Gemini account

I also haven’t received mine! :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Well, I’ve received it…
…and then some error happened on the captcha and now I don’t have it again

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yeah same with me too, when I got brave://rewards-internals and check my promotions I find that status of the payout is shown as attested. Will I get my payout??

and now I’ve received 1 BAT on my phone

I don’t know what is happening anymore

Same here. What does this mean?