I didn't receive march rewards , and my payout was abour 4 BAT and dissapeared

I didn’t receive march rewards , and my payout was abour 4 BAT and dissapeared.
I can’t find



I am also still waiting for my March rewards!


I also didn’t receive my bat rewards as same!
I had much higher bats to be rewarded of march but its just showing 0.25 bat have arrived but i didnt get any reward in my gemini account as well as all remaining rewards are transferred into april which is disappointing.

Here is the latest info from Brave.

I also didn’t receive my bat rewards this month

Please see my previous post

Same here. I clicked on the triangle to claim them, but as soon as I did the little thing where you drag the triangle to the other triangle, the pending payment disappeared. There is currently no record of it anywhere; it isn’t reflected in my balance and isn’t showing up anywhere in my account statement.

I’ll just say it’s not the first time Brave has taken away BAT that was pending and supposed to be paid to me.

Thanks for the update

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I am also facing the same. March bat is disappeared from both phone and laptop. It was present there till 10th showing processing…

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DO any body know when the Brave creators payout date?

Same problem. Please fix this anymore

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Hi, is there any update for the March Payout? I still haven’t received it!

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