I didn't know this was not allowed, but I self tipped and the BAT is MIA

Long story short I had 85 BAT in my mobile browser and I read an article that said to get it out you self tip, I did that and then i read in another post this is not allowed, hopefully i didn’t lose it, and since this is not allowed how was I supposed to withdraw the 85 BAT from my mobile browser anyways? I am confused and just want to know if my BAT is lost and if I missed something that lets me withdraw from the phone app, thanks in advance!


yes i want to know too, up up up

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It’s not good you cant get at the bat what’s the point if you can’t use it

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I am having the same issue. I was told to DM steeven.

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is there a reply? :cry: :cry: :cry:

Will the consequences of tipping yourself be suspended?

is there anyone specifically I can try to message?

I did a self-tip test from android mostly to see how the process works as I have never received a tip yet. I believe it came through 2-3 days later, minus 0.5 bat (i tipped 10, received 9.5). I can’t be 100% sure this is from my tip as there is no details in the transfer other than it came from ‘@BravePublishers’…

But in another thread, i came across this:

Self-tipping is okay under certain threshholds; excessive self-tipping will result in your BAT being frozen. If you want to self-tip to test the system, please use the smallest amounts possible to avoid being flagged for fraud. Self-tipping from the Android build of Brave to your own publisher site as a means of offloading mobile BAT is also not permitted – a working withdrawal function for BAT on Android is on the way. Until then, BAT on Android is solely intended to be used to tip creators who you would like to support.

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oh okay, hope the withdraw function comes soon, but how will i know if it got flagged?

Do you know what safe limits are to tip yourself?

I want to Withdrawal my coins

I still have yet to receive an answer from the devs or anyone with a definite answer is my 85 BAT is gone forever or I can recover it somehow, please respond

They pulled the same thing with me, holding almost to 400 bat in limbo and leaving my case unreplied to for over 3 weeks now.

It seems like each dev/support-rep was deciding to do this individually at their own discretion for a while and people were complaining. It looks like they modified their official policy AFTER they started freezing accounts for self tipping.

so i am stuck then arent i

Well from what I see, 10bat is the limit per tip (unless someone can correct me). At least that was the limit I saw.
So it would take a while to tip yourself enough times to clear out a mobile wallet.
That being said, it also takes a 0.5bat fee for each 10bat tip. So you’re slowly losing bat.

If we can wait for the mobile transfers to be available, it may be a better solution.

a little late, it seems the 85 BAT went to the void and I have no way of returning it to the wallet on mobile or anything else


It is a foolishness on the part of Brave, It is supposed that what you earn by watching ads, that is yours you earned, Ah but you can not send it to yourself, How is that then? The synchronization of brave wallet with Uphold does not work, the only way to collect the Bat that one wins is by apologizing and they do not want to allow it, It is not at all clear how to send Uphold the Bat that one wins by seeing ads, And what worse is that they don’t mind solving

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