I didn't get my contributions added



I was using the brave browser for a couple of weeks now and it has been showing my balance as 0 and the next contribution date as 10th January. It’s the 10th January now and I don’t see any increase in my balance.

Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance

Publisher payments not showing in publishers.basicattentiontoken.org

This is also something that I would like clarification for. Funds were sent out from my wallet but I would like to know where they went to. I also should’ve received some funds from the previous contributions sent out.


Hi @melakamc

Here are some FAQs that might help: https://brave.com/faq-payments/ and also here: https://basicattentiontoken.org/faq/

Right now the only way you will see an increase in your balance is if you add funds to your wallet or if you accept funds from a UGP grant (the last time we did one of these was back in December 2017: https://brave.com/brave-grants-300000-promotional-tokens-to-browser-users/ ). Note, for both of these you must use these funds to pay content creators. Additionally, please note that currently the Brave wallet is unidirectional (more information here: https://brave.com/faq-payments/#refund-money)

In the future, users will have the ability to opt-in to seeing ads to earn BAT (see this FAQ: https://basicattentiontoken.org/faq/#ads-in-Brave).



Hi @AnimaterCreator

On your payments page you should see a clock icon that would show how your payments are distributed, it is next to the gear icon for Advanced Settings.

Regarding your second item, are you signed up as a publisher? I’m guessing that’s what you mean by

Please see these FAQs (some are for publishers) and let me know if you need further assistance: https://brave.com/faq-payments/

If you are not currently signed up as a publisher, you can get more information here: https://brave.com/publishers/



Hi @LaurenWags

Thanks for addressing my first issue. That solution worked perfectly. I was able to see exactly where my funds went to and when.

Regarding the second item I am indeed a Verified Publisher. According to one of the brave browser contribution statements I should’ve received funds. However currently nothing is present in my account. Where to go from here?


Hi @AnimaterCreator

Great, glad the first item helped.

In regards to your second item, per this FAQ item (https://brave.com/faq-payments/#collect-payments ) I see this:

“Upon completion of verification, contributions are settled at the end of each month. In general, we settle contributions for a publisher if at least $10.00 USD in BAT is waiting; however, if you prefer a different threshold amount, please let us know.”

So, I believe you should see any expected funds at the end of this month as long as they total $10 USD in BAT. Hopefully this helps. Please let me know if you have additional questions.



The funds that I should be receiving are definitely well over $10 worth of BAT. While the time frame mentioned seems reasonable, i’m confused as to where the previous BAT is if it’s already been sent out. It says it’s sent out to my channel, however it’s not in my wallet as of right now. So i can wait of course, however I do believe that where the funds are should be looked into. I’m also not sure if that would reflect at the end of the month considering the next contribution is supposed to be on the 8th of February. However, if.everything is fine then I would just like a confirmation of that.


Hi @AnimaterCreator

I believe you are expecting that each time a user contributes, the BAT goes from an individual user’s wallet directly to your publisher account, but that’s not the case. Since not all users contribute on the same day, once your individual contribution has been made, those funds go into an escrow wallet (mentioned in this FAQ: https://brave.com/faq-payments/#publisher-notification) prior to settlement (when the publisher receives the contributions). You should be able to go to the publishers site and find out how much is waiting in the settlement wallet for you. Settlement generally occurs once per month (around the first/last calendar day). However soon we will be moving to twice-a-month settlement.



I was reading the FAQ and according to it if I wanted to make a settlement to receive my funds then I could. So how would I go about doing that?
(Source; https://brave.com/faq-payments/#collect-payments)


Hi @AnimaterCreator

That FAQ says “Upon completion of verification, contributions are settled at the end of each month.” which is currently how this is set up as per my previous post. Also as per my previous post, we will be moving to a twice a month settlement.



UPDATE: So I just recently received my payment. Surprisingly the funds were transferred directly into my Uphold account versus my Brave Account in the form of USD. I was expecting to see some BAT tokens in my Brave account, however I am satisfied with the outcome.

With that being said I only have 2 questions now: My first question is in the future will I receive BAT tokens in my Brave Publishers Wallet, or will I be credited directly to my Uphold account every time I receive a contribution? My second question is if I do have BAT tokens in my Brave Publisher’s Wallet will they be distributed automatically or will I have to move them manually? I would personally prefer to move my tokens manually, however if it’s set to automatic then I just would like to know.


Hi @AnimaterCreator

Thanks for confirming you received the settlement. In the future settlement will happen as it did this time, funds are automatically moved. However, if you wish to receive BAT instead of USD, you should be able to login to Uphold and go to settings and set the default currency to BAT.

Please keep in mind as I said in a previous post, when an individual user makes a contribution, those funds are held in an escrow wallet until settlement. Contributions from an individual user do not move directly to a publisher.


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