I didnt get my brave creators rewards its fake ... uninstall brave and install chrome .. brave is fake

i didnt get my brave creators rewards its fake … uninstall brave and install chrome … brave is fake…

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Same issue here.is there any direct contact for help?

First, Be helpful if you post a screen shot of your Creators dashboard (you can black out private info before uploading).

Second, Brave Creators payout processing starts (begins) on the 8th of each month. I have waited up until the 17th of the month for the payout to be deposited. So patience is a virtue.

Third, you post title does not inspire Brave Admins/Devs to help you out. And I can assure you Brave is not fake as I have been receiving Creator payouts for about 8 months now.


I agree Brave is not fake, which is why I’m still using it as my default browser on both desktop and mobile, but their “ads” are a mess, trust me. They might as well remove ads altogether and not give false hope.

I agree with gmacar.
I don’t think ads make sense because we get too little money from ads and nobody uses it to support creators.
Developers also spend much time on ads instead of improving Brave browser
Instead of rewards, I recommend them to show ads on new tab page.

Brave is far from perfect and agree that the ad consistency is all over shop. Payout per ad is here there and everywhere also. But posting misleading titles does not help the User when they have an issue and need help. Again I have received hundreds of BATs per month which all in all have been on average consistent.

I don’t want to rain on your parade, but you’re unlikely to get hundreds of BATs/month again in the near future, given the current pay rate of 0.01/ad or no ads at all for many of us.
Anyway, I agree “Brave is fake”… is fake news.

@nidhin and others, if you haven’t received your Creators payment for January, please DM the email linked to your account and I can dig into it.

I already did bro. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

@gmacar Look at this guy, he thinks he can read the future and thinks he knows how me as a Creator will perform in the future, what a laugh :joy: . I just go paid out a over a hundred BAT for December and further more am contributing to the forum by helping others.

So If Brave is fake news and instead of complaining go use another browser. Or do some work and and try earn some BAT. You make me laugh bro!

I encourage you to read what people write. I wrote “Brave is fake is fake news”, not “Brave is fake news”. But if you don’t even understand this, well, it’s not my problem.

By the way, I were not “complaining”. I was just saying that other users and I are not getting any ads (or are getting ads paid 1 cent), which is a fact. If I really wanted to complain, I could ditch the browser right away, while I’m using it as the default one. AFAIC Brave could remove ads altogether.

Look the ad payout per ad is not a fixed rate, for example 0.010 BAT per ad. It depends on what the advertisers are willing to pay to have their Ads served on the Brave platform. Yes 1 cent seems low but depending on the Ad and one’s geographic location I have seen higher BAT payout per Ads. It seems to also vary throughout the month. General rule and my best guess is 40 Ads = about 1 BAT.

Also to the amount of ads served up each day is limited. It varies but the Brave FAQ on Reddit states 21 Ads per day maximum. But I’ve seen 25, 40 up to 50 per day.

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