🆘 I didn’t receive March rewards

I didn’t receive anything for the month of March at Gemini. I didn’t get the claim option.

Be patience. They are working hard to make sure everyone gives a fair share.

i also havent recieved it on the gemini verified browser on the computer . march is coming to end

Nothing for me with Uphold too

We are in May and I did not receive anything, it is not the first time that I have lost my bats.

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Many people did not receive anything

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I was in your case but eventually, they fixed it. It depends on first come first serve.

I get nothing, I’m still waiting…

Same here , @steeven please look into it, i have dm’ed you my wallet id

Still nothing, not even an acknowledgment!

I click on “promotions” and see a blank screen, nothing of any kind below the tabs. (Also would have been my first payout)

yeh they are working…so hard…and nothing works and will not work.
if you read here, you will see people who are waiting for 4 months for help from support.

hey, i had the same problem with the march rewards but i did get the claim option twice, my rewards were vanished seconds later but days ago, it were added automatically and many of people who raised these questions and had problem are automatically getting rewards so be patience, they are working on it and maybe you will get your rewards soon.

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