I didn’t receive August rewards to my Uphold wallet

Hello, I did not receive my rewards for the month of August in my verified wallet, on my smartphone, nor did the Claim option appear. My Uphold account email: loheb98@protonmail.com

@steeven @Mattches

Can you help me?

Información de la billetera
Inicialización de información clave: Válido
Id. de pago de billetera: 0351f2dd-4dbc-469a-ab0a-c53f32caf06a
Billetera creada: 23/02/2020 21:30:17
Información de saldo
Saldo total 1.75 BAT
Billetera de bitFlyer: 0 BAT
BAT de recompensas: 0 BAT
Billetera de Gemini: 0 BAT
Billetera de Uphold: 1.75 BAT
Información de billetera externa
Estado de la billetera: Verificada
Dirección de la billetera: 123367ef-e789-424a-9c12-5b1161e50e16
Administrador: Uphold
ID de miembro administrador: 04c41726-443f-4aa1-ae36-96b5e5b58c67

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The claim option did not appear because it should not appear if your wallet is verified. The funds should be deposited into your Uphold account directly. How many devices do you have linked to your Uphold account at this time?

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@Mattches I only have 2 devices connected to my Uphold account: PC and smartphone. I know that if I have my wallet verified, the rewards should be deposited directly, however this time it did not happen, the rewards on my smartphone simply disappeared. On the other hand, the rewards of the PC were deposited to me: the 1.75 BAT that is shown in the information above.