I did not recieve October Rewards

pls help, I am waiting for 48 hours for the brave reward but still reward is not credited to my account, I have verified uphold account, latest browser, with the time I am losing my hope, pls give me some hope


@darkknight Payouts to verified wallets are still processing.

Please keep in mind the date of the 7th is when payouts start processing, not the exact date you will receive your rewards.

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I am reading this for the last 2 days. there is nothing mention about how much time it will take and i receive my reward or not

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That’s because there is not an exact time in which you will receive your rewards. I received mine this morning. Others have updated after posting the same thing, and have said they have finally received their BAT also.

You will receive your rewards, just have to be patient.

You have to understand that there are 42 million Brave users, this is a lot of reward payouts.


thanks for giving me hope

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Here at Brave, we are a Community ! You are very welcome.

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I normally get by 9th of every month at least. I still haven’t got yet for October month though. Very strange!

as he told “have patience”

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Hi, I had 1.65 BAT to receive but only received 0.25. On the ninth day of each month, I received my reward.

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I have the same problem that pepeargento, I was supposed to receive like 3 dollars but I only receive .31 cents.

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I have not received anything ,xd lol

Hi everyone, welcome to Community :smiley:

No need to be alarmed, payments are processing currently.
Hopefully this will ease any of your concerns.

Salty :banana: