I did not received 100 BAT TILL NOW?

Sir, I supposed to receive monthly contribution of 100 BAT on 28/04/2020 but still now I did not received and 0.8 BAT received from ads appearing in wallet but not appearing in brave Rewards publisher account. Please help me admin

Can you elaborate more about this? :point_up:

It seems there’s a bit misunderstanding here.

Based on your screenshot, 0.8 BAT was used for Auto-contribute. See https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003095931-Rewards to learn more about Brave Rewards.

Second, your creators.brave.com account is have no relation with your brave:rewards wallet. It’s two different wallets with different purposes. That’s why you not see it on your Rewards wallet and vice versa.

  • creators.brave.com is used by creator to manage your channel/s and BAT received from auto-contribution, tip, and/or referral program.
  • while brave:rewards is used by user to manage the Brave Rewards wallet – auto-contribute, tip, and Brave Ads.
  1. Why my ads income of 0.8 BAT used for auto contribution without allowing for withdrawal.
  2. I think everyone will get 100 BAT based on usage of brave browser monthly.

No. You not get BAT by simply using Brave. Source?

Because you have Auto-contribute enabled. Again, help article linked above can help to learn more about Brave Rewards.

Also, withdrawal is not supported for mobile.

That means we can’t withdraw from mobile ? And how we earn from browser in android mobile ?

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Same like desktop. By opt-in to Brave Ads. Brave Ads the only way for users to earn BAT.

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