I did not receive the payment on July 8, 2020

Hello admin
I am having problems with my payment.
During the payment period of July 8, 2020, I did not receive my payment. Meanwhile, the balance in my BAT wallet was 54.80 BAT. The payment on 07/07/2020 I did not receive that balance. The uphold wallet has been connected, and has been successfully authenticated. Can Amin tell me why?
If so, on August 8, 2020 will I get that BAT number?
Thank you admin

Same Here Bro I Also Lost 19.73 BAT ON July 2020. My Wallet Have Connected With UPHOLD But I Did Not Receive That BAT & Completely Vanished My All BAT In Thin Air,

My Luck Is SO BAD :cry:

Please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

I have the same situation. and i have DM for you. but don’t see you answer me

Waiting for long time

@huyenkhong Steven is asking you to send the information via DM (PM) .

Login to this site > click Steven username > Message .

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