I did not receive the Basic Attention Token

I did not receive the Basic Attention Token.
My account has been verified since I started using the browser and until now I haven’t received my value on the uphold.
Can someone explain to me why, Please?

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There will be minimum threshold of balance needed to receive on uphold

Hello Telugua.
The problem is that the value was discounted, but the value was not sent uphold.
I had 3,200 BAT before the 5th.
On April 5 or 6, a portion was discounted and only 0.200 remained.
My problem is that it was not for the wallet

I didn’t got paid as well. I also contacted the support and they just ignore me. Time to stop using Brave and tell my really bad experience around. So disappointing.

Still didn’t got anything. Support is ignoring me like hell.

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Same problem here dude my 47 bat doesn’t show up in the verfied uphold account but I received only this month’s payment which I earned through ads wgich was 1.11 bat .

I am upset with this browser and its irresponsible way of treating its users.


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For a start, this is the wrong category for your issue.

Could be This

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