I did not receive my full payments

As you can see, only 19 bat reached my uphold wallet when my brave balance was 119, which shows that my payment did not arrive at all, 100 bat that did not reach my uphold an incomplete payment, what happens with brave and Can I solve it?

Same problem here @Asad plz reply

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please help me with an answer, what is the matter?

@elimar123 I think there is 2 payment section 1st is confirmed Referal and 2nd is Tipping payment…
They pay Us referal payment but tipping payment is still pending… I hope you understand what I want to say…

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If correct then tipping Payout will succeed As soon as possible

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@YonhPal same problem with you???

All my balance is of references only 19 bat are of tip payment so at least that I have paid the tips first is the only way

Wait for the official reply

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