I did not receive my full bat in May

Hello, I have a problem with Brave. Since the beginning of May I am supposed to have received my reward payment. I have only received a small part of my total pending estimate. I have been waiting for several weeks to see if I would receive another payment but no. So I am calling on you to solve my problem regarding the unreceived reward. I am not the only one on the forum, there are dozens of people in the same situation.

Well, now that the crypto has lost half of its value, can I be paid for the month of May? Do I have to wait for you to get off your ass again? Brave has a huge number of users and makes promises, so f-ck it, we have to keep them for a day. I followed the post of one of your employees on the delay I can understand but after 7 days it was settled we are at 28 DAYS now. I’m going to go straight back to chrome the synchronization is better and they don’t make false promises, or else find me a solution the delays are over you’re not supposed to be the SNCF of the internet sh*t.

good bye
My paiement for 2 mounth is egal 10bat but i have 25 BAT !!

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