I did not receive my BAT tokens on my wallet on 6th of May and balance still showing as ZERO BATs

Dear Brave support team…I did not receive my brave rewards on 6th of May 2021 as expected. My wallet is verified but no BAT tokens rewards have been sent. Please advise and let me know how we can resolve this issue. Regards


Same for me. My wallet is verified but it now says that the payout will be in June.


6th of June is the new date for next month’s tokens to be paid…we are on the same boat here and there are a lot of people facing the same issue. Hopefully, Brave support team will help us out here

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This is because payments have not finished processing. You can see the payment status for ads on the homepage here:

It’s also on the top of every page right now:


I still did not receive all the May Tokens, only a tiny portion has been added to my BAT wallet. Would you know why? Please advise

can someone from Brave Browser assist me with my missing BAT tokens? I still did not receive my payments from May 2021…please assist

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