I did not receive even 80 portion of the tokens

in the month of March I had 2.6 bats in my wallet and by March I had accumulated a total of 4, which with the correction was 3.2 bats, but when I claimed the bats and added them to my wallet, they only added 0.4 and I have a total of 3 where are the other bats can you help.e?

And that’s what the leftovers remain accumulated because I started this month with 0.7 short of 4 and a bit that I had left to collect from March 3.2 and 0.7 was accumulated for this month of April… well, of those 3.2 I have only received 0.4

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I had 3.2 bats to collect in March and when I gave the claim I only added 0.4, my balance was 2.6 and now it is 3 when I should have 5.8

If you received less BAT than expected please notes that All payouts to verified wallets are still processing. Payments to verified wallets and claims for unverified wallets will continue to process through next week. Thank you for your patience.

For updates you can follow the Banner topic Ads Payout Status Update.

of 3.25 that they had to pay me they only paid me 0.25

There are so many people having the same problem as you. The support team also replied to their problem. Why can’t you read? smh :person_facepalming:

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