I did not get the payment of this month (January)

Good morning, I’m still waiting for my payment this month (January), I had not made a post because the pending payments appeared and I thought I was one of those, but now the processed payments (i may have misunderstood why I don’t speak English and I had to translate) appear and I have not yet received the payment

I am also with same issue

Same here. My rewards always shows “missing”. I have linked my Uphold a/c but nothing is getting deposited from my phone. No issues on my Laptop. After 3 months of non-receipt, I uninstalled Brave on my phone and reinstalled but same problem in January too. Please help!

Similar thing here. I had about 10 built up and had 0.25 deposited.

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Buy it is still showing payment processing.
May be, we will get our rewards till tomorrow.

Hope so all people’s will receive their amount


Hi Endersoul
All the while “payment processing” is shown at the top of this thread (and the main Brave community page) assume that the payments are ongoing. When the message changes to “completed” if you still have not received your rewards obviously raise a ticket.
Hope this helps

It really doesn’t. Same thing happened last month. It’s getting ridiculous.

Ye same problem for me. Initially I thought I received the payment from my mobile which I use less (i received 0.25 bat) and on my pc brave rewards was supposed to be 2.6 bat but I got none. My friend said he received his though.

Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please follow this thread for updates - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!