I did not get paid this september 8th, why?

i did not get my bats to uphold this september, and now it says than next payment is for octover 10th.

i have my publisher account from june, and verified uphold from june too. :thinking:

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See Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

@eljuno this is not the case, i have verified uphold account and i did not get my bats earned during august…

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Have you got paid? I have got my bat at 10th.

@nrshaown happy to see you have been paid. Let me guess you are from forum.batcommunity.org. happy to see you here.

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Yeah you are right. Thanks :grin::grin: @Dgenies

no, i didnt. I guess than they wont pay me this month. i will need to wait to octover 8th :pensive:

Sometimes it can take a while

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