I did not do that transaction :(

So 15 days ago there was a 10BAT transaction made from my uphold account to BravePUblishers, transaction that I never actually made as I have disactivated auto-contributions . I wonder If someone could help me get my coins back and solve this case…


I have the same exact issue! I literally just posted a question about an unverified transaction right before I saw this post.

Maybe contact the Uphold support.
They are the ones that handle your Wallet. If there was a transaction that you did not authorized, they can help you. After all they are the ones that processed said transaction.

That was what I thought but they told me that as it was a transaction to BravePublishers I had to contact Brave directly.

@JuanTouya @Chanadar hi send a dm to steeven explaining your issue, attach screenshots of the transaction and the info asked in the next screenshot.

please, be patient and wait for his reply. if it seems to you that he is taking to long to reply contact him through the same dm, don’t open more threads

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