I Click Brave Ads But Not Incrase My Balance

I Click Brave Ads (Desktop) But Not Incrase My Balance.
Please Fix Problem.


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Please check under Brave Rewards Settings -> Ads -> View Details

You should see estimated pending rewards.

  • Nellai

Same problem here please fix it.

I know, but since yesterday I have clicked on many ads but no balance has been raised as it was.

Because they(brave) become greedy, now they want 65% share instead 30% from ad revenue , in the past we got 0.05 bat per ad notification but now we are getting only 0.02 bat per ad notification.


Good decision, now this is the time we all have to QUITE from greedy brave.

New users needs to know about these shenanigans. The creation of crypto was to bring an end to greedy institutions. Now brave the only hope we had is turning it’s back too.

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Same thing is happening to everyone ,may be its a bug , or they might have permanently reduced the rates .

You Are Wrong Sir, Brave is Only One Company For Good Return, I Love Brave

Ok, When Fix Problem.

@aheda123 @7es @Abhishekkerala @nellaiseemai

Looks as if everything is alright now. Just got a few ads. The count is alright.

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I have also the same problem Ad Viewing but BAT not rewarded

Yes everything is good now at my side too

Yes, Thanks All For Support

My bat decrease 0.3 bat tomorrow 26.5 but today26.2

No, Xion everything is not alright now, we are still getting 0.02 bat instead 0.05 bat per ad notification, you fill like everything is ok because ad counter is reset every month’s 1st date. But estimated balance of bat not reset every month’s 1st date.

I’ve checked, on my side it’s counting alright. Is it giving you issues still?

Hi @Donboven - please DM any specific issues that you have. Closing this thread for now.

Thank you!

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