I checked the Uphold wallet, but the funds did not arrive?

Hello, my region started supporting the Uphold card on 11/14/2022, I checked my account, yesterday 11/15, I had a balance of 14 BAT, referring to the month of October, but so far this balance has not reached the balance It endured and disappeared from the token balance, do you know what could be happening?

I guess, you should wait for sometime. If the amount doesn’t show up then I guess raise a ticket at

Congratulations!!. You have successfully donated 14 BATs for Brave Rewards Bugs Community who is working tirelessly to resolve all the bugs.

I didn’t donate anything, the coins were in the balance of the tokens, I synchronized the wallet, and after synchronizing the bats disappeared and did not go to the wallet

AndBat is just trying to be sarcastic, trying to say that the BAT is lost and Brave took it from you. Hence the “donation.” Obviously that’s not true, but you have people like them who like to throw around accusations of scams and other things, just because things go wrong for them. So don’t mind him.

Not really. I’m struggling to understand fully what you’re saying happened. This is kind of how I’m reading the sequence of events:

  1. You were not connected to Uphold because your region wasn’t supported

  2. There was 14 BAT in your browser that you had earned.

  3. Support for your region became available.

  4. You Verified your browser by connecting to Uphold.

  5. Nothing has happened?

It’s that final step I’m trying to follow. Usually once you link to Uphold, the balance on your browser goes to 0 and it sends it. Also, if you had any BAT in your Uphold, that amount will show up in your Balance.

It might help if you can try to clarify that for me.

That’s if you want help/answers from the Community. The other thing you cna do if you want official help from Brave would be to submit the Rewards Support Ticket that SmartyAadi shared with you 3 days ago.

Yes, as soon as I checked the Uphold wallet, the browser balance went to 0, but so far it hasn’t arrived at Uphold, but I opened a ticket, I’ll wait for the answer and post it here.

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